OUTFIT request shop(OPEN!)

Hello! :ghost: Welcome to my shop!

Personally I think I’m really good at putting outfits together so I thought why not help people who cant make good outfits, or just dont want to
so if you need any type of outfits for INK and LL characters boys and girls you came to the right place! :hugs:

You can also just tell me the personality of the character and I will make some outfits that match their personality

LL Outfit Examples-

1 panel (5)

INK Outfit Examples

It would always be better if you could PM me but its not necassary
I try to respond as fast as I can :purple_heart:
These outfits are free to use, No credit needed, unless you want to be nice :orange_heart:

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Hey! Do you do text overlays over a badge/ logo/ board? I am looking for someone to do, and I want to use it as a tappable menu

Hey, Is this what your talking about? If so, then yes I can do it

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I love the font you use!
Something like this, but the text will be over a fancy box or something to make it as a tappable option.
Like if you had seen in some stories, they use it as a menu to start, skip story etc.

Something like this, but a fancier box etc. I am really bad in digital art editing, and I do need help in this :sweat_smile:
Sorry if I am being really confusing to you :sweat_smile:

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Lol your not being confusing, heres an example would this work? :thinking:
I can do different fonts, colors, and boxes its just an example lol

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Okay sure. I would like to get some please?
I do need different style from that.
I’ll PM you shortly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much!

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