Outfit/scene change help?

Does anyone know if there is a way for the characters to be in the outfits that they should be?

What I mean by this is when I skip to a scene in order to get to a certain other scene I’d like to preview after not reading the entire script, they’re in their default outfits instead of the outfit they would have been in if I were to read the whole script instead of skipping. (that sentence was really long) Is there any possible way , like a button I have to hit for them to be in the outfit I want them to be in? If I’m not clear, I’ll try to explain more thoroughly.

So let’s say I’m in a house scene where the characters all change from default outfits into bathing suits. If I skip that scene so that I can preview a, let’s say beach scene afterwards, is there a way they could be in their bathing suits and not their default outfits?

I feel like I’m making no sense omg.

Well, it always jumps to the last outfit/default outfit, so you can just put:
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name
That you want to see in the scene

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Okay, I was just wondering if there was a button for it if that makes sense?

I really do sound stupid lmaoo

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Well certainly no buttons I know of :flushed:

Okay thank youu <3

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