Outfit selecting game needed for credit! 😊

Hi guys
Can someone make me a outfits choosing game that has all the outfits below
I want it the outfits to be shown by mannequins and the reader should be able to tap the outfit they want
I tried the dara amarie gam that is similar but it didnt work


Boot Stiletto Knee High Leather Black

Distressed Denim Belted Shorts Denim Blue

Locket Necklace Metal Gold

Fishnet Bralette Thick Band Top Cotton Grey Black**

Outfit 2

Pearl Bracelet Grey White

Layered Tied Necklace Leather Black

Chunky Tread Ankle Boots Leather Black

Spaghetti Strap Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey

Double Zipper Belted Skirt Flannel

Outfit 3

Collared Heart Necklace Metal Silver

Ankle Tied Strappy Heels Leather Blue

Color Blocking Lapel Jacket Cotton Purple Black

Belted High Waisted Distressed Jeans Denim

Outfit 4

Collared Heart Necklace Metal Silver

Jewel Encrusted Heels Leather Grey Black

Flared Leg Belted Slacks Polyester Purple Mauve

Turtleneck Inner Shirt Cotton Grey Dark

Anyone who can do it will be great help!
And i will give credit!! :blush:

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Hey sorry but I decided to do it myself

@Sydney_H close this pls

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: