Outfit Shop! (LL)

Hi! I really enjoy creating outfits, so if anyone wants some just hit that reply with the following form:

body type: (M/F/F+)
outfit style:
any specific color palettes:
character reference (references to existing characters, fictional or otherwise):

if you end up not liking it, you can ask for me to re-do it!

looking forward to creating outfits for u :stuck_out_tongue:


hey there! I’m sure you are very creative, so I’d love to request some outfits here!

body type: generic female
outfit style: chic, summer-ish
I don’t have any references oopsies :pleading_face:

thank you in advance!

hi, your outfit is ready!

if there’s anything you’d like to change, don’t hesitate to say so! hope you like it :smiley:

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body type: F
outfit style: Tomboy likes crop tops and pants
any specific color palettes: Blue, Black Neutrals and earth tones
LL Female

hi there, your outfit is ready!

let me know if you want any changes! :slight_smile:

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Im so sorry i never got to this. i never saw it but i love the outfit!

body type: (M/F/F+) Female athletic
outfit style: edgy yet elegant. wears heels or wedges or boots with heels.
any specific color palettes: black or white or red. but if you have an idea then go ahead
character reference (references to existing characters, fictional or otherwise): no

Hi here’s the best I can do.

Please credit me at @solarnetic_episode

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Thank you and I will
Credit you