Outfit trouble/ first time Author

Every time I make a new outfit and save it, it saves to a completely different character and the name changes to something I didn’t even pick?? What is the cause of this??

Show a picture of the problem, that could make it easier to understand so I or others can help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m on computer not mobile. I don’t know how to explain

If you still need help.
You could make (multiple) print screens, and upload them on here.

PrtSc + Alt

okay I understand what you mean and I’ll help you just give me a few seconds.

You see where they say character click on that and it will drop down giving you the names of your characters so just pick which ever character you wanna give the outfit too and as for the name am not really sure what you mean, but send me a screen shot and I will help you.

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Oh okay never mind that worked. Thank you!

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