Outfits and characters for Ink and Limelight



Hi, I’m Emily, and I am making FREE episode outfits for you! I do ink and limelight. Just put in your request and I will try to get your outfit done ASAP! Only 2 outfits per request please! I will include some examples of the outfits I had made before. :slight_smile:

If you are going to be using it in your story please give credit to @Itz_Emily from the episode forums!

In your request, please include:

-Ink or Limelight?
-Male or Female?
-(Optional) Outfit name?
-Style? Ex. Fancy, casual, preppy, PJs, kid, etc.
-(Optional) Seasonal? Ex. Wintery, spring, summery, fall?
-Color Scheme? (If you don’t include this, then I’ll just do what I think looks best)
-And any certain clothing items?
-Certain background?
-Other things you’d like me to know

I can do the classic style if requested, but please note that I do not have any experence using the style.


I can also make custom episode characters! (Also in Ink or Limelight.) You can even request a character AND an outfit made to go with that character. (But only 1 outfit and character per request.)

Again, if you are using the character in your story, please give credit to @Itz_Emily from the episode forums

In your request please include:

-Ink or Limelight?
-Male or female?
-If female, makeup or no makeup?
-General skin tone
-Natural or dyed hair?
-Based off another look? ex. family
-Anything else you’d like me to know

Note: In the examples, I don’t include the features of the characters (hairstyle, eye shape, etc.)
But if you do request a character I will include them.

If you do end up using my character/outfit in your story, please let me know the name because I’d love to read it! :hearts:








Hi @Itz_Emily !
I’m in need of 10 outfits. I know you said only 2 per requst but if you can help me out please let me know. If not that’s ok


Sure, it’s fine, just let me know the information in your request. Please note that it may take up to a week or more.

Thank you!



The reason I said 2 per request was if I had 20 people wanting something, and they all asked for 10 outfits, it would be way too much. But since it’s just you it’s fine.


Thx sorry for the late reply


No problem, you can either message me or fill out the form here for the outfits you’d want. Is it only the outfits? A seperate character with each outfit? Or one character for all the outfits? Sorry for all the questions.