OUTFITS: Different-Sized Baby Bumps


apologize if this topic was already createdI
I think it would be amazing if there were more sizes to choose from the baby bump clothes
Every person doesn’t have the same bump size and it would be nice to represent different time periods of the pregnancy in a story …like if it’s barely 2-3 months we can’t use the bumps made because it would be too big …
I’ve seen a lot of stories that can’t really show the progress of the pregnancy and usually jumps to the period where it’s close to the time for them to give birth
I believe adding different size bumps would show great development to a story…


Which Styke are you talking about? Because in Limelight they have smaller bellies but not a big selection. In Ink it’s just the 8-9 month bellies. So I’m with you they need more selection, like dresses, Pajamas, etc.


I support but I’m not sure if this should be for animation… :thinking:


Sydney told me to put that or else it would be closed lol


Oh. I just assumed it would be for outfits or CC.


I agree! You can kind of do very, very early stages in the pregnancy with the baggier shirts, but this only works for early stages.