Outfits for daily wear and event wear [FREE] [Male+Female]

In no specific order here are some outfits:

"I should have worn flats."


This outfit contains aspects from @Normal_Is_Boring 's angel outfit I just LOVED, but for my story she needed to be mortal. :blush:


Floral-ish Pants

Classic CropTop-Jean Mix

Classic Vest and Loafer Combination

Cammo for no Apparent Reason

Classic T-Shirt-Shorts Combination

Mom-Like Outfit


Screenshot_2022-02-26 Waitresses in White Edit Outfits(25)


Love them ! Would definitely like to see more and maybe some in INK aid possible.

Aw, I’m honored!
I’m looking for somewhere to drop some new outfits, if you’d like them here, let me know! :wink: