Outfits HELP ASAP!


Hi everyone! I need 15 outfits for girls and 13 outfits for boys for a club party.
I lost one day to dress them 1st time :pensive:. I don’t have more ideas.:sob:


Oh I will try my best to do some outfits for you haha


I could help as well if you want?



I could help out too.


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Any help is good right now.:hugs:


Is it in ink?


I forgot to say I need them in INK style.






YES thank God as I have a handful of outfits that are in INK. I will hit you up later on today!!


One more request.
When you put your outfit examples, tell me your name to credit you on my story.


I can’t get them to you now, but I will as soon as possible.


Check my thread for more ideas and designs!
Hope it’ll help you!


Thank you very much! You saved my day!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aww! Glad I was able to help you! :grin: And if ever want to submit your OWN outfit design, don’t hesitate coming to my thread and share it to everyone!


I have over 60 made by myself. :sweat:
When I’ll have time I’ll gladly share.


I can help!


Can you sent some, please?
I need more on boys.

Like always, boys means troubles.:joy::joy::joy:


You can go and request outfits on my thread! Follow the tutorial and I’ll personally make one or many outifts for you!


Go see Andrea’s thread!