Outfits Needed Pronto!

Hey guys!
So I need a couple of outfits for my story, “I Spy”.
Here is what I need:
Spy costumes (male and female)


Please note, they MUST be BLACK.

Royal Outfits (male and female)

That’s it! Remember, I will be choosing the BEST, so get creative!
However, you need to show me examples of your work before I choose.


If I agree to your work, I will give you a special shout out on my story!
Like, I’m talking your very own customized splash, with your IG handle!

Thanks guys!
PS I need responses!

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Is it in INK or LL?



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Hey @Forever_reader if you’re still in need of outfits you can check out my Outfits Shop! I’d love to help you <3. Summer Outfits Shop :blob_sun: {OPEN}

royal outfits ?? what does that have to do with spying ?

Hi! If you still need outfits, feel free to head over to my character & outfits request post:

Hey love, if you ever need any outfits, you can go ahead and request them in my shop! :blob_hearts: