Outfits request! (OPEN)


I am making outfits for Ink an Limelight!!:wink:

Click here to send me your informations


How like the new outfits??

And the short skirt:


What are the names of the clothes that you have shown. I was trying to find the top but it wasn’t there!


Leaf Tank Top With Wrap Around Flower Arm Band Flower Green


what do you mean you make outfits ?


You send me informations about what would your outfit look (clicking the link⬆) and I make outfits for you.


This are the names!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much!!!


Omg that’s cool I did send you I hope you see it


Sorry but will take my one more week because I haven’t time, then I will send you all your outfits…:ok_hand:


okay thank you


How do you add clothing to episode?


I don’t add outfits, I just tell you the name of bottoms, tops, footwears, etc. And you can found them to create my outfit


Oo, I get it, thank you!


Hey @Andreea1 are you still open


This time I haven’t much time, if you have already sent my information I can make them after 2 weeks. Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:


Ok I already sent it


I’m I allowed to request something different but simular to my request


Sorry guys because I didn’t make your outfits but the outfits request is official closed. I don’t know why I can’t edit the name of the thread but I wanted you to know…