Outfits script help pls

so when im making outfits’ and then i put it on the script it wont work.
for example-
lets say i named the outfit @eai

and then im coding in the script: @eai enters from right to screen right

is that even the way im supposed to do?

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You mean changing outfits?
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name

…how can u … make the outfit… walking?..
sorry… but didn’t understand.

well… if u want the character to change into that outfit then
@CHARACTER changes ito eai or whatever is the name of … outfit

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You can’t make an outfit walk.
You have to code a character to wear the outfit and then code the character to enter the screen.
@CHARACTER changes into eai
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen right

Put your character’s script name in place of CHARACTER in the above example and it will work! ^^

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