Outfut Remebering choice not changing the outfit in the writers portal

So I have a clothing choice in episode two of my story, and an if/elif/else thing in chapter three to remember that choice, but the outfit never changes in the writers portal.

Can you show the code, please?

This is from episode three where I’m trying to get it to remember the choice

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Why do you have an empty }else{ statement?

someone told me it had to be there, but it doesn’t work without it there either

I think you did your gains wrong? Your gains should have been given in a choice option, for example:
“Dress” {
gain Dress_Outfit
I’ll wear my dress.
} “Sweater” {
gain Sweater_Outfit
I’ll wear my sweater.
} “Pajamas” {
gain Pajamas_Outfit
I’ll wear my pajamas.

And then when you’re ready for your character to change, you need to do:
if (Dress_Outfit){
@OLIVIA changes into olivia_dress1
}elif (Sweater_Outfit){
@OLIVIA changes into olivia_sweater1
@OLIVIA changes into olivia_pajamas1

I changed it to that and it still won’t change the outfit in the previewer

You should be using your phone/tablet to check, the web previewer is glitchy.

the gains are included in the previous episode where the choice is

I’ll try that

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