Outline contest 3rd of october

Hi guys I’m not a great artist but I made 2 outlines. I have an example after but it’s not as good as all of urs I bet

1. The outline can be changed but has to look the same
2. Don’t be rude but criticism aloud
3. Make it look as good as you can
4. No stealing my work or any one else’s
5. Have fun and get it in by the deadline

deadline is October 3rd

First place

If you win first place you will get

  1. A pfp if wAnted
  2. Any other art you want
  3. An exclusive preview to my new story including a character role
  4. A collab on next contest
  5. I would love to do an art collab on anything else if you want

Second place
  1. An art collab
  2. Any art you need or like a spell check on a story
    3.lots of likes

Third place
  1. Part in my story
    2 any art you need

Can wait to see what you do with them

Outline 1 (they aren’t great

image image

Outline 2 (still not great)

image ![image|450x450]image

Thx guys

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I’ll join!

Ok guys can’t wait xxx sorry there aren’t better I would love some help on how to make it better any YouTube videos you know of or actual things to help

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I saw a YouTube Video by someone (Sorry don’t know who)on ibis paint x if you need help.



Just to clarify: Should we do both outlines or just one?

Both or one

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Can I join! :grin:

Ye I am going to redo my example but keep the outline anyway

If I’m able to join, would you mind if i reoutlined the characters? So it’s easier to color (since it’s not a png :grin:)

Ye of course

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Thsi is my exampleimage




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Thank you so much. I’m joining.

Ok u should join @AuthorMDWrites one to


How many do we do? Sorry probbalt a stupid question

U can do up to 3 designs but one is great xxxx

ok xxx