Outline Contest by iineox.episode



Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to start an outline contest for a while, but I don’t know if anyone would want to join. Let me know if you would. The prize would be a character featured in my story (limelight) with your own character details, and an edit of your choice. Let me know if you’re interested! Contact me here or via instagram: @acadia.epi . Thanks! Details will be on my instagram when the outline is up.


I’m interested


I am interested




Sweet. I’ll get right on it!


I’m definitely interested!








Idk if I’m too late but I would be interested


It’s not too late! I’ll be holding this competition on instagram @iineoxepisode . Is that okay with everyone? @Aerial_author @sezzlehg @Elena1creates @Miss_Moonlight @Lunar_Rose @Artistofepi @Chesirekitten101 @Kalizzza ?


Yeah that’s fine with me!


Crap! I don’t have insta. Sorry :neutral_face: I’ll have to drop out then. Should’ve read closer sorry


I could post it on my insta for you if you want!


You could just send it to me through the forums if you want


U would post it through the forums for me?!


You can also asl the owner of the contest she wants everyone to join and be ok with that choice


Nope, you could send me the completed outline through the forums and I can put it on my Instagram as you submition that way you can still participate, of course I would credit you, I wouldn’t say I drew it if I didn’t :wink:. Of course it’s up to you if you don’t feel ok with it it’s cool!


I am interested also


No that’s what I meant lol (I’m clearly bad at explaining/wording stuff)
Thanks that would be great!