Outline Contest by Sophbee! ๐ŸŒŸ(RESULTS OUT NOW!)



Hereโ€™s my entry!


@TheKaoticMelon great! all the best :yellow_heart:

@Wingsoffire looks awesome :heart_eyes: thank you! :yellow_heart:


Is it to late to join?


I donโ€™t think so


Okay. Iโ€™ll join!


ofc you can still join! the deadline is October 1st, you got time! good luck :yellow_heart:


I have a quick question


spill :))


Is it possible to have a re-do. If not itโ€™s fine I just wanted to know since it wasnโ€™t in the rules


you are allowed to make changes to your entries as long as thereโ€™s still more time before deadline! :yellow_heart:


Mommaโ€™s joining lolโ€ฆ
Sorry not sorry grandchildren.


Password: SBOC


looks great! thank you๐Ÿ’›


omg yasss, my momโ€™s gonna slay :yellow_heart:


:sweat_smile: Probably not a lot


I just realized I forgot the password! Well here it is:


And hereโ€™s my entry!


love the eyes! thank you :yellow_heart:


Thank you so much!:heart:๏ธ :grin:




Some people who might be interested (sorry if you already got a tag)