Outline contest 😂 Entry are closed


Warning :warning:️ Trash outline alert :rotating_light:

Note: I am doing this cause I am super bored but I hav a real outline contest on my Instagram (this is not for Insta) You can check it out at : @Mariyana_episode {Linkhttps: //www.instagram.com/mariyana_episode:} :heart:


  • Colour it and send me it as reply on this post duh😂

  • Please be creative

  • You are allowed to change anything from outline I mean you are changing it and still giving credit to me ? Why would I have a problem :joy::joy::thinking:

  • I have made two outlines so you can colour whichever you want

  • If you use my outline anywhere else please give credit to my Insta :joy::joy::joy::pray: I mean please

Sorry I am really bad at this


There will be only two winners

  • 1st: Any two edit of their choice

  • 2nd: Any one edit of their choice

Examples of edit I made (on my Insta )

IDK WHY THE HECK I MADE THIS CONTEST​:x::joy::joy::joy: but I was super bored so I hope you enter cause I k you are too & best of luck


I want to enter just for fun


I just tried my first one, and I liked it! Definitely participating… (maybe I’ll try a bit harder on this one,though.)


Actually there is a prize


Look at the end :joy::joy::joy::heart:️And tysm


Yay Tysm :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:pray:


I like the idea of your contest. Im sure to participate



Aww thank you


My pleasure


Urg, I want to get started now, but my tablet is dead…


Agh I hate when it happens :x: But you can do it when it’s charged :joy::v:


When is the deadline for the competition


Soon as I reach enough submissions so I can at least judge and I will put closed sign on. :joy::joy::x:


OkThats great


can i join?


Yeah sure anyone can join


Are you still accepting entries? If so, here are mine. Both of the outlines were amazing and I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I just did them both. I hope that’s okay!


I’ll be entering, I just have to fill it out.


I did one. :upside_down_face: