Outline contest πŸ˜‚ Entry are closed


Omg tysm I love it it’s beautiful


Omg thank you so much I love it it’s beautiful


Anyone can enter :joy::heart:️This is for everyone


YASS! Thanks


Yup ! And wow it is really so beautiful wow !!


omg i love it




woah its so cool


love it love it love it


Wow! Them outlines be so good


IMG_2928TBH I am surprised this came out good!
This might be my best contest entry yet!

If I somehow get like 3rd place or anything, please credit me and my grp - @Episode.Harmony
Yup, I am addicted to the insta gradient :joy:


Wow its really great and i will for sure


hey @everyone i decide to lose the outline contest & decide the winner cause i think we already have enough entries ! it will announced tomorrow or maybe day after that ! tysm for your entries, I really appreciate them! Just to let you all know i don’t k who will win but you all did awesome job! remember creativity counts more than perfection, cause it’s what i think.
Two winners will be announced soon ! Thanks again




A_Hey @everyone, Just let you know I love all your entries, It was super super super hard for me to decide but decision had to be madeβ€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ_

Winners are:

@aprill got 3rd place
A edit (any edit)

@Killerfrost, @Episode.Harmony got 2nd place IMG_2928

A edit (Any edit)

  • Note I thought there will be only two winner, but I love them so much so it had to be three

@Natalie_c is 1st place winner IMG_6837
Any one edit you want
Winners please pm me with your details and request

I LOVE YOUR ENTRIES GUYS! Love your creativeness as I said I love creativeness more than perfection

But wait I didn’t want it to end on the sad note like winners only get prize so
@everyone else will get a shout out on my story for 3 days just send me your Instagram account in pm
Once again thanks


Omg thanks!!!


You deserve it




No hun x. you deserve it :heart:️