Heyyo guys :wave: :wave: , Maryanne here. I recently published a story called Unbearable Pain. So in honor of me publishing my first story on the Episode app, I decided to host an outline contest. However I am hosting it on Instagram, and I’d really appreciate it if you guys could check it out and join in on the fun.

If you are interested here are the details:

My Instagram handle: @koolgal.epi

Deadline: 1st of November (However if you need extra time, I can extend the deadline.)

Outline: The outline is of my MC in my story (Catalina). However you don’t have to use her details when editing. You can get my outline from the link in my bio on Instagram if you’d like to enter.

OUTLINE (Not transparent PNG, just an example)


  • Must be following me

  • Your account should not be private, if so then you can dm (message) me your entry.

  • Use the hashtag #unbearablepainoc in your caption.

  • Tag me in the caption and photo so I can see your post.

  • Lastly, do not remove my watermark. If you accidentally do, then you can add my instagram handle somewhere on the edit.

  • Also I think one entry will do, however if you have another idea you can enter again.

Now on to the exciting part, THE PRIZES!!!

I originally decided to have 3 winner, but ultimately it will depend on the amount of entries I receive.

1st Place
3 edits of your choice, a major role in UP (Unbearable Pain), a follow back, a spam of likes.

2nd Place
2 edits of your choice, a minor role in UP (Unbearable Pain), a follow back, a spam of likes.

3rd Place
I edit of your choice, a random role in UP (Unbearable Pain), a follow back, a spam of like.

If there are a ton of entries, which I highly doubt I will add a 4th winner.

4th Place
1 edit of your choice, a role as a background character, a follow back.

Here are a bunch of examples of my work:

Art Scenes




Edits (Group, Bae, Single, Pfp, Bff Edit)

I however have an art style that I use when I do fan art, which I don’t use for requests. But if you have a story I can do a fan art for your story as a prize if you are a winner. Of course though, if you want.

Fan Art Style

If you have any questions feel free to comment below. Also if you’re joining please comment on my post on Instagram which should look like this:

Again thank you, and I hope some of you will enter :slight_smile: :heart:


@Rac5hel @Turtle_Cat @Art3Miss @Raybadem



I’ll join! Kinda confused with the deadline though…:sweat_smile:

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Sorry :sweat_smile: I’ve edited it :heart:


UPDATE: Outline Contest ends in 7 days!!!

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley:

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