Outline contest! *Prize for winners*

The art


The deadline is Sept 15th, you can make changes, but not big enough that I can’t recognize my own art! Please don’t claim as your own.
Have fun and Good luck!

GOLD winner

A part as a MC and a story/Insta shoutout. Your art will also be featured in my story, so make sure you resize it to a splash.

SILVER winners

You will win a Cameo and a Insta/story shoutout.

BRONZE winners

You will win a story/Insta shoutout!

So far the are the people that entered:


I want to do it! Can I see the Character not draw so I can go off of it a little better?


Just look at the art one and you will see






Is it ok if I just re outline it?




Ok :slight_smile:


I will enter


I’ll join babe!




Perefct thank you!


I am sorry the editing app cut the shoes


It’s cool


Entering!! Is there any chance I could go over the outline (Just to clean up some lines :grin:)


Yes, thank you. I did it on my tablet, thats why it sucked. I shouldve done it on my phone


Is everybody exited?


Anybody that post their outline will recieve a shoutout:)


Entering :slight_smile: