Outline contest winners!

Hello everyone! I decided to make a new thread so that it didn’t get too confusing. I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has participated in my outline contest!


Please know that if you didn’t win, it doesn’t mean that your peice is any less than the winners. Everyone seriously did an amazing job.

the winners
I am happy to announce that the winners of the contest are…




Congratulations to the winners, you guys did absolutely amazing! I hope everyone had fun and will decide to join my next competition!

If you have been announced as 1st, 2nd or 3rd then please leave the info for your prize below, such as your story name and anything else you have won. If you forgot what the prizes were then please check the link from my last post to see!

Thank you again!


Congrats to the winners. :blush:


congrats everyone even if you didn’t win


Congratulations to the winners

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Thank you :laughing: my instagram @r.es_story and I have 2 stories 1- the black prince 2- college days: the seat next to me :blush:

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Wow I haven’t been active lately and I haven’t seen this yet but I will still post it!!

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And read them :slight_smile:

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oh ya… thank you fo find me at instagram… I don’t remember XD

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