Outline Contest! Yay!

I am doing an outline contest so please follow the rules


Don’t Copy Anyone Else’s work

If you use my picture give me credit

And the last rule is to have fun!

1st Place:

1 Cover and/ or Splash
I will read How many episodes you want me to read of your story , max episodes: 11

I will give you personal feedback after ive read some of your episodes

I will help you if you have a problem with your script

2nd place:

1 Cover or splash
i will Read episodes of your story, max episodes: 3

I will give you personal feedback on your story

3rd Place:

I will read one episode of your story and I will make you a cover or a splash



Sorry if the outline is bad I tried

Deadline: 5th November

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I’ll enter!

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Is there any chance I could go over the outline? To make it easier to color :smile:

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thank you!! (oh yeah forgot to say… ENTERING!!! :grin::grin::smile:)

It’s okay, have fun! :slight_smile:

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I’m in! Still new but I’ll try!

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Can we change the pose?
Oh and don’t mind me asking are you arab?

I’m Arab how did you know and yes you can change the pose

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Because I’m arab too lol I’m Syrian

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