Outline contest (you can win your own outline)

So I have a kind of outline contest because I am not that good at colouring and I have seen some people do amazing colouring of outlines so I wanted to exchange colouring of this outlines for an outline of your choice. it can become a cover pfp art scene whatever you want it to be.
so you colour this outline and I make an outline for you of your choice, if you dont want an outline I can read your story instead.

I will use all outlines. and credit will be in first chapter, I will update when I change it. and insta when I post them. and you are welcome to put your tag on the picture
if you wanna make one, please put the title on the cover Magicka Ethereal.
you can move them around on the cover as you want.

and please do tell me if you wanna use the outline you ask for in the writhing contest so I can make it a priority to make.

Just do one. I would like a few of each. but you dont have to draw both (if you do you can have two outlines)
Here is how they look, the story has cc so MC do not need to look like this but I would prefer is she did

MC and dragon

big cover

small cover

random tags

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@molly247 @CStation @OliviaMerideth @lanafrazer_episode


I’ll join

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yay. your the first to

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I sent it in PNG also


wow :heart_eyes: that looks amazing.

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Thank you


wow that is amazing.

I love it. its really pretty.

also about win an outline. if you know what you just contackt me about it and I will start on it

also @Blue01.episode still have not heard about the one you want

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Sorry I got busy and for got ill message you asap

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I want to participate!

that you are welcome to

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Cam I join


Your are welcome to

I only have the small cover done

and now the large cover

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they are okay. I dont what program you used to draw. but my outlines are png because its easier to draw under the outlines instead of over, it looks better that way that way

I love the colors.

I use ibis paint x

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hey you never said anything about the outline what kind do you want. well if you want one.