Outline Contest 😄

I’m doing a Outline Contest!


  1. Don’t Copy any one else’s ideas, but you can take inspiration if you don’t know what to do at all

2.Don’t start Drama

  1. Credit me, you can use my outline as long as you credit me for it.

  2. Your allowed to change it as long as it’s noticeable

  3. Have fun and be creative


1st Place: An Art Cover or/ and a splash, also opportunity to be a judge In next contest, I’ll read your story

2nd place: An Art Cover or/ and a splash, I’ll read 5 episodes of your story

3rd Place: An Art Cover or/and a splash, I’ll read 3 episodes of your story



Coloured Example:

Deadline is 25th November

Have Fun!


Can I change the outline a tad?

Also can you reattach the outline you can’t download if :sweat_smile:

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Does it work now

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Yes thanks!

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Good luck!

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That Looks Amazing! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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Thank you for participating

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wow, that was fast, looks very cute and amazing.

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Thanks!! :grin:

I had to redo the outline so I can color it easier here is the fixed version blank I did if you want to use it



I would like to join but the outline/ picture is too big my phone doesn’t allow me to download it.
Can you please resize it so out would be smaller?

Joining _💙 @Teahwalker can I use the blank on you posed?

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@Maria.StoryWritter here is one if you want to join. :blush:

Here is mine. :blush:


Yes, I am thank you for tagging me.

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Youre welcome

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