Outline contest! 🤣

Here’s my entry. :purple_heart:


It’s gorgeous thx so much for entering

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Last and final one also the purple body is a suit.
Hope you like it. :wink:


It’s amiazing everyone is so talented

Btw if it’s ok which everyone when it ends I will post the best 3 and my own examples just cause and then the winners can pm me what prizes they want

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Could you possibly show your examples in this post? Just so I can glimpse at your beautiful art?

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Can I redo my past ones?

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I’m sorry I just think it would be easier not to so it doesn’t get confusing, I hope u don’t mind

I’m nearly finished them so I’ll post them at the top

Ah ok. :blush:

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Got it. Also thanks for the opportunity.

Joining …



Here is one lol


Good job! :blush:

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That’s awesome!

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My examples are on the description now but the backgrounds aren’t working so it’s only bold colour I’ll have to reload when it works

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I know I cant redo anything but when is the deadline.

Can I join.

I think anyone can join.

Oh ok