~ Outline Contest ~


I’m bored lol and if you’re bored too or just want to join for fun then feel free to colour in this outline I made for the little contest I’m holding :rofl:

I’ve seen other threads like this so I decided to make my own. The prizes aren’t that amazing haha but anyway…

1st place - Request an edit of your choice.
2nd place - Be a character in my story.
3rd place - Request an outline.

Examples of my edits

It’s mainly for fun and if you have nothing better to do lmao. You can change the outline to your liking but not so much that I can’t recognise it.

My instagram is @eva.artsi if you’d prefer to send me your edit there :slight_smile:

Deadline ~ September 15

Thank you if you join, it means a lot to me x


When life gets hard and you wish you could crawl into your mother’s arms :’D

Any outline contests!

I’ll enter and can I use this for my Instagram tutorial and credit you for the outline


Awesome! Sure x


:scream: the cupcake one has me shook


Yay! I might enter if I have time


honestly I don’t know why there aren’t “outline request threads” but you should open one! :+1: :smile:


Totally gonna join this! I suck at outlines, but I love coloring them! Excited to enter! :slight_smile: best of luck to anyone else who enters!


Your art is amazing so I’m entering!




That’s such a cool idea, I’ll keep that in mind! ‘:astonished:


You should really do that :joy: like I love your outlines. I enjoy coloring but the outline is more important. And mine suck :joy:


So my coloring definitely didn’t do your outline justice :joy:




Ugh I’m sure they don’t suck wth :joy:


Love the colours! Uuuh yes it did :heart_eyes:


It’s not the greatest but hey kept me occupied haha :slight_smile:


Xxx love it x


Aww thanks you x


Here’s my entry



Awesome!!! X