Outline feedback please

I’ve just made this outline, but something’s wrong with the eyes, they look kind of weird. Can somebody tell me what I did wrong please?


I think it looks good. Maybe a little to far apart. But I think it is really good.

It looks good!! Hmmm
If your charector is looking right then make the iris of the right eye a lil smaller and a lil to the right!

Thank you!

Oh yes, thank you! I’ll try that


By right I mean the screens left and her right lol

The right eye sort of slopes downwards. And the eyelashes are a little thick. But it’s incredible. If you need more advice you can pm me :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I am not a crtic but I like it alot

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Thanks, it took me two hours to make it :sweat_smile:

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Oh wait aren’t you my aunt?

Nice work auntie !

Oh yes, just found out myself :sweat_smile: We definitely need family tree

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It looks great but I think putting the lines in the hair much thinner is better it gives you much more space in the hair but the lines in the hair too thick just takes up the space and it looks to close to the other lines if you understand what I’m trying to say but overall it looks great…:heartpulse::two_hearts:

Thank you! I was thinking the same but kind of forgot to make the lines thinner :sweat_smile:

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Sure np it happens lol but keep up the work you’ll be a pro in no time

I’m not even really trying to be a pro artist, this was just for my profile picture and because I was bored, I’ve never done something like this before :joy:

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Well it look really great if your just trying something for the first time


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Np :two_hearts::heartpulse: