Outline Making Contest!

So I am holding an outline making contest for I need one for my upcoming story art. I wanted to do this in the form of a contest so I can get something from the community and give something to the community at the same time.


The contest:
So in this contest, I am wanting there to be two separate characters on the same background. I want them to be separated, like this (this isn’t what I’m wanting you to do it is just showing how I want the characters to be placed):
I am wanting both a female and male character but they can’t be touching- this is in Limelight
I want the background to be transparent and if you want to add your watermark in the corner that is totally okay. Please make an outline of at least their waist and up

Female character details:
Body: copper 01
Eyebrows: arched thin high (ginger red)
Hair: long feathered (ginger red)
Eyes: female generic (green emerald)
Face: diamond defined contour
Nose: defined natural
Lips: full heart pouty (pink beige matte)
Outfit: Leggings Cotton Blue Navy, Long Double Button Coat Cashmere Brown Tan, Belted Folded Over Cuffed Boots Leather Purple Mulberry, Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater Cotton Cream
Animation: idle_baby_nurse_happy_loop WITH the PINK BABY SWADDLE prop

Male character details:
Body: copper 02
Eyebrows: male generic (chestnut brown)
Hair: tousled loose curls long (medium warm brown)
Eyes: male generic (hazel)
Face: chiseled angular
Nose: male generic
Lips: full heart natural (pink peach medium matte)
Outfit: Vest And Shirt Combo Tie Long Sleeve Cuffed Shirt Polyester Gold, Studded Pointed Metal Toed Boots Leather Brown Burnt, Belted Pressed Slacked Baggy Ankles Polyester Gold
Animation: react_baby_startled_atbaby WITH the PINK BABY SWADDLE prop


  • The background needs to be transparent
  • Both characters must have the correct details, outfit, animation, and the prop I added to them
  • Make the outline of the characters from the waist up
  • Add the details to the outline!!
  • The background must be AT LEAST 640x1136 pixels
  • If you wish to do so, feel free to add your watermark in the corner and I will keep it there
  • Tell me how you wish to be credited
  • Turn it in BEFORE January 12th, submissions after January 12th won’t be accepted unless yours is better than what has been turned in
  • Absolutely NO drama will be tolerated

Example of what I’m wanting:
This is pretty much what you need to make the outline- just make sure the final product is an outline with a transparent background

The rules:

  • No drama will be tolerated
  • If your submission does not include a transparent background, correct characters, correct poses, correct outfits, and the props it will NOT be accepted
  • Turn it in by January 12th
  • Message me if you have any questions
  • I will 100% keep your watermark and credit you if I use your outline
  • No stealing the outlines as your own or others’ outlines- if you do, you will be completely blacklisted from any and all contests between my friends and I.
  • You can submit a total of 2 outlines- no more than 2

Once the contest reaches the deadline, I will pick my favorite outline to use, and that determines the first place winner. After that, I will put everyone’s work in a poll and let the public pick for the first round. Each voter can pick their 5 favorites and whichever outlines have the most votes will continue to round two.

Just like round one, I will post the winners in another poll for the public to choose their 2 favorites.
Whichever outline has the most votes is second place, and the outline with the second most votes is declared third place. First place is the outline I will use but second and third is there to give credit to other amazing artists

First place:

  • Judge in my next contest
  • 1 free edit
  • Free splashes for whenever you need them
  • 1 free watermark
  • Free large and small cover
  • Major character in the story I need the outline for
Example of my edits

(outline by @Turtle_Cat)

Example of my splashes

Example of my watermarks

Example of my covers

Second place:

  • 1 free edit
  • 1 free splash
  • Free large and small cover
  • Minor character in the story I need the outline for
Example of my edits

(outline by @Turtle_Cat)

Example of my splashes

Example of my covers

Third place:

  • 1 free edit
  • 1 free splash
  • Background character in the story I need the outline for
Example of my edits

(outline by @Turtle_Cat)

Example of my splashes

Tips to win:

  • Make the outline neat and clean
  • Add as many details as possible- the more complex the better!
  • Don’t spam the thread!

Feel free to tag people!


Ur deadline is my birthday! :joy:

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