Outline Needed!

Does anybody have any outlines they are willing to share? I’m happy to give credit, i’m just too lazy to make one right now :laughing:


I have a few… what kind of outline are you looking for?

just an ink character, something simple that i can easily shade :slight_smile:

Okay… one sec…

Here ya go @Aims.Episode

legend! that you!

Here. I made it awhile ago, but never used.

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thank you!

I made this 5 days ago :laughing:

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I have a few if you need them. If you use them, please show me the result! If love to see it!


Thank you!

These are incredible! thanks so much!

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So glad you think so! Thanks!

How do you get the lines so clean? Mine are always messy and my stabiliser is on all the way :confused:

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I really don’t know. My very artistic friend taught me how and I unfortunately don’t know how to teach it back. Sorry for the really bad answer.

that’s alright x

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May I use some of these for practice :grin: please

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wow😻 how do you even draw that?

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