Outline... Please?


Hi! I NEED an outline. But I need it done ASAP. I’ve been waiting five days, for an outline, but hes not given it. If you could get it to me I’d be just Jovial.

THANKS!!! :heart:


Well my outlines are kinda trashy but if you want I can try.


Sure! Thank you! I just need an outline. And for the record, it’s great!


Thanks I’ll get right to it. :smile:


I know it’s not the best.


How did you do her sleeves? I just gave up on the pattern and erased the whole thing after about half of it :sweat_smile:


Oof lol i just zoomed in really close and kinda scribbled the pattern lol


My beginner scribbles are shamed. :sneezing_face: Yours is amazing.


Your’s is really good too! At least you didn’t give up and get mad at digital sleeves :laughing:
With a little line variation and practice your scribbles will soon be much better than mine :wink:


Thanks :blush:


I’m so sorry for the late answers. I love them both, and I’ll use them both. Some family issues came up. :heart:

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