~ Outline Requests ~


Hiya gals and guys! So the lovely @MaliyahArtsy recommended that I open an outline request thread so here goes…

I find that it takes too long to create an edit so why not create an outline lol.

Here are two examples of my outlines.


I haven’t been editing for long so I don’t have any other outlines lmao.

  • If you do request then please don’t request an outline that’s overly complicated.
  • Also one that has no more than three people.
  • If you decide to publish your colored in version then please credit me for the outline @eva.artsi on instagram.



Your outline examples are really good! :grin:


Thank you :blush:


Your amamzing

Glad to have you in Episode harmony

Also I couldn’t invite you to the chat cause it’s only letting us invite 30 people only


Thank you x It’s no worries.


Can I request some outlines please :grin::grin::grin: I’ve been looking everywhere for someone like you :pray::pray::pray:


Haha go ahead. How many?




So I just outline these? I have a few requests atm so is it fine if you wait? :sunny:


Yes please and that’s fine thank you :grin:


Hi can i request an outline?


Can I request an outline?