Outline Shop (Open)

So I want to start making outlines again since I’ve been doing edits alot lately. I usually draw custom hair and clothing and I use my own poses sometimes so if you don’t specify those I’ll do my own style.


  • Character details/pic of them in pose if you have it.
  • Would you like it colored in?
  • Any extras?


  • Only 2 characters in 1 request tops

  • My watermark stays always

  • If you want to use my outline(s) ask first. If I say no don’t get offended and credit is a must!

  • Don’t clog my thread or promote another. You will be flagged and blacklisted.

  • Don’t rush me to do things and I won’t respond to “I need”, "Are you open " or “May I request?”. I’m open until I close this thread and it says Open at the top. I also find say “I need” as a bit rude.

I struggle with males alot so they won’t be the best and I’m only doing ink outlines.

My Examples

I’ll close this thread if it gets too busy or I reach a certain number of requests. :two_hearts:

Hey nae can i have a outline of these 3 characters holding guns together.


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I would need pngs of them in the poses since it’s a bigger request. :two_hearts::heartpulse:

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Okay ill get you that now!

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Also I apologize in advance for how bad the males will look :joy:

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Okay i got it you can make them have this pose sorry its not all cropped perfectly

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Its okay :heartpulse::sob:

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The pose is gonna make it worse oof :joy:

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Colored in yes. But thats it!

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And girl its fine :sob: :heartpulse:

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If you dont want to do it let me know tho :heartpulse::heart:

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My dumb self. I was supposed to put a rule that you could only have 2 people tops. This might take 2 days but I’ll still do yours.

You sure? Thanks :heart: Sorry im so complex :sob:

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If it turns out trash I won’t send it :joy:

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Lol okay girl :heartpulse: At least its practice :joy:

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Hey please can I have an out line of my character

Character Details

Character Pose

Also please can I have it coloured in

Thanks xx

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Of course :revolving_hearts:

Oh yeah so you mind if I make it into a splash?
I’ll still credit you and ask the artist to move the watermark into the top corner of the splash

It’s okay if you don’t want it tho xx

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Wait so are you making it into a splash or is someone else?

Someone else since I can’t really edit

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