Outline Shop 💞

I’ll be creating outlines!! You will need to provide your character’s details, outfit, and an episode pose. I will not create custom poses!


This isn’t a very recent outline and so the new outlines are improved!


  • You must not remove my watermark.
  • You must not use my examples.
  • You must be patient.
  • You must credit me when using the art piece (thanks to @epy.cherry.art for the outline).

Character details:
Reasonable deadline:
Do I have your permission to colour your character if I feel like it? This is completely optional and you will receive the art if you say yes and if I do it

As mentioned before, you will need to be patient! I have school and requests that come first. I’ll update you if I feel like it but outlining is not a preferred job in my art so that is why it may take me a while.


You still doing free outlines?

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Oh wow lol it’s been a while since this has been active :joy:

I can but it might be a while for it to get to you - I’ll quickly update my examples to :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ok, thank you.

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No problem!

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