Outline... uhhh

Ok so I’m sorta trying to get into the art business and stuff. But I have no idea how to go with the outline part because I am fr bad at that part :joy:

Is anyone able to make me one? I can give you the details and stuff and credit you. I’m just practicing and I have no idea how to begin. I know ho to do most other things, but Episode style is much different from other things I’ve done…

Pm or just comment below if you can help!

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I can

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Really?! Like I’ve tried making outlines and stuff but I’m not very experienced haha…

And clearly you are, with your art and stuff

Yeah haha
I can teach if you want

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That would be highly appreciated! Do you use Ibis paint x or a different way?

Ibis paint

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Yeah thought so

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So do you want me to teach you how to make outlines?

Yeah if you can, I wanna try doing art but I dont know how to use Ibis paint x or the layers or make the outlines… Imma newbie haha

Okay what do you want learn first?

Well what do you recommend?

Well you should know how to make a outline first so we will start with that if that’s okay


I’ll send pics which step do you want to draw episode characters right?

Yeah I wanna draw episode characters

Hold on

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So what you want to do is add a screenshot of the character you want to draw
Like this

Make sure it’s on the bottom of the layers

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Yep done that, I’m gonna draw my friends character as practise

Then move to next layer to start drawing the outline
But before you do
Turn stabilizer on and force fade

how do i get to that part?