Outro cover for my story


Would anyone be interested in creating a outro for me. Telling my readers that they can follow me on Instagram. If you’re interested please comment down below. Thank you and have a nice day.


I have can make a splash I can make here is an example


Ok cool I would like that. Thank you


Just send me your character and it’s Pose. Plus Instagram Name me :slight_smile:


Ok hold on for one second


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*Skin Tone-Toffee
*Face-Soft Heart Face
*Eyebrows-Seductive Arch
*Nose-Soft Natural
*Lips- Full Round Toffee
*Hair- Fishtail Braid - Black
*Eyes- Upturned Feline Brown with long eyelashes

  • Outfit- Bleached Denim Jeans, Pink Panel Cropped Hoodie, Pink Pastel Platform Boots,
    Hipster Rectangular Thin Glasses.
    Follow Me On Instagram: @kembrya_writes


On it



I love it thank you


Your welcome