Ovelays problem

I know how to create an overlay in a story, but the problem is creating it in the script takes time, and then your scene starts but the overlay is not ready yet, how can I prevent that?


Use the & instead of @ before the transition. Or put the overlay on your BG -
Example 1
INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to % x y in zone # at layer #

Example 2
&overlay OVERLAY create
&overlay OVERLAY scales to % %
&overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in #
&overlay OVERLAY to layer #
&overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in #

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These i have problems with they are creating real slow in the middle of a story.

Those that is for example a car that is directlty visible

so the & makes it faster?

Makes all the commands happen at once rather than one after the other :slight_smile:

ok I am going to test that, thank you so much and an other question, if you give a bruise to someone, it does not stays on that person when the person is moving ho do i do that? xxx

You’re welcome! And you can’t unless you shift the bruise overlay in time with the characters movements which can be extremely tricky.

Ho do you do that?

&overlay OVERLAY scales to % %
&overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in #

you have to go on the previewer see where the CHAR moves to and shift/move the overlay to that place with the code above ^ and you can make it shift and scale faster by using: in (howver many seconds you want it to move in)

here’s one of my examples:
@overlay GRENADE1 create
@overlay 5969661440294912_GRENADE1 shifts to 90 230 in zone 1
@overlay 5969661440294912_GRENADE1 scales to 0.334 0.334
@overlay GRENADE1 opacity 1 in 0
@overlay GRENADE1 moves to layer -3

THEN i want the grenade to move so i went on the preview to see where I want it to got to

@overlay 5969661440294912_GRENADE1 shifts to 206 223 in zone 1 in 0.09
@overlay 5969661440294912_GRENADE1 scales to 0.244 0.244

the bold bit is how fast i want the overlay to shift/move

sorry if that was clear i’m bad at explaining

thank you very very much xxx

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What is the difference between shift and move???

oh sorry it’s the exact same i just said shift/move so you know what i’m on about. you use shift in the command tho NOT move. move it’s is me saying that shift means move.

wow if you don’t understand i’m sorry i’ve over complicated ite :woman_facepalming:t2:

oh ok i will try to recap that xxx

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It helped! Thanks

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