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I can’t do it anymore. I won’t take any more art requests, nor will I complete the ones I have gotten as of this week. I’m tired of doing art for others. I usually love to, but I am getting so busy with everything, I don’t feel like even touching my pen right now. I am so sick of drawing over images for other’s sake. If my art is so popular, I might even start charging for it because it is getting so consuming. I never thought my art was really to the level of only taking commissions, which is why from now on, I will only do art as I please so I can actually improve.



Sounds like you’re doing it for free. Why quit when you could turn it into a lucrative business?


I am doing it for free now. I’m considering charging, I just feel like my art isn’t “advanced” enough for that.


People take free for granted if they love ur art they will pay just make sure u charge loads of $ :wink:


Your level of advancement has nothing to do with it. If you’re in demand, you can always charge.

Hell, even Kanye West is a millionaire, if not a billionaire. Why don’t you let that sink in for a second.


I completely understand where you’re coming from! i’d take a break, get better, and start charging.

i wish the newer authors got paid even without getting a lot of reads because of how time consuming it is. even if it was just a little.


I agree. Honestly, yeah I feel you! It’s hard. I am writing episode stories and books. A series of books even. It consumes me half of the time.


Totally understand!!! Sorry that you are overwhelmed. I agree you should start charging! If you need to vent about your stresses tell me. I’m super supportive!

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