Over lay help! Thank you

I’m trying to preview it so I can click the overlay helper to get the scale numbers. But it gives me an error below that little preview button.

Try to refresh your page or clean your browser. Also, the best one is Google Chrome if you’re not using it already

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you can’t preview a script at all if a bg or overlay is being reviewed. it has to be approved or an episode bg or overlay. but also i’d recommend refreshing your browser, since i’ve never seen the error by the preview button.

That is not true if you have own overlay or backgtound you can see it in preview even it is not yet approved… I have mostly my own stuff and see it all the time before it is approved…

You could also use the format INT. ITALIAN RESTAURANT OL - NIGHT with HEY in zone 1, or whatever zone you’d like it to be in. Maybe put a speechbubble underneath so it automatically pauses?

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