Overall Help With my Story

Hi again! I posted a thing about wanting a co-writer. I mean I think I could do without one for my own story because I have decided to co-write with @Octaviua
I had a story idea for a while and I guess I just need some help when it comes to the nitty, gritty coding. I have learned some stuff, but things like panning and complex choices, I am yet to learn.
I think I would just like someone to help me with coding, maybe? I’m not completely sure, I didn’t get a lot of responses on my last post because I don’t think I posted it to the right category or something lol
But if anyone does want to co-write a story with me, please let me know! We can talk more about it and if you don’t end up liking my story idea that’s ok.
Thank you xx

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Hiya, I’d be happy to help as much as possible, do you have an Instagram that we can talk further on? x

Yeah! Actually, I don’t have an instagram for episode but we can talk on my acc for now!! it’s nehaprashad_
What’s yours?