Overall reads decreased

Is it possible for your reads to decrease? Yesterday I had 2.5k overall reads, and now today I have 2.1k overall reads. I find it really weird because since I updated a new chapter, every day I got about 100 reads. As it went up, I would update my overall reads on my Instagram account. Today I checked, and instead of 2.5k I have 2.1k. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


I’ve never dealt because my story has never been THAT successful , you should report a ticket tho :))

Okay thanks, I will.

Was this on the app or the portal?

If that was the app, that’s normal. For some reason, when the portal says you are at 2,050, it will register on the app as 2,500. Then once you hit 2100 on the portal for real, the numbers sync properly, and the app reflects your accurate 2100 reads. The same thing happens around the 1.1 k mark.


Oh wow! Thank you, I did not know.

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