Overlay anchor point not working?

my overlayers anchor point is 0.5, 0.5 which is when it rotates from the centre, but it’s rotating from the top right or something. have I messed up the coding?

heres the coding:

&overlay 5057120909262848_PHOENIX opacity 0 in zone 2
@overlay 5057120909262848_PHOENIX shifts to 97 257 in zone 2
@overlay 5057120909262848_PHOENIX scales to 0.139 0.139
@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 424 267 to 718% in 0
&PHOENIX spot 0.689 128 299 and PHOENIX faces right
@pause for 1.2
&overlay 5057120909262848_PHOENIX rotates 5000 anchor point .5 .5 in 30
@overlay 5057120909262848_PHOENIX opacity 1 in 2.3
@pause for 500

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Had the same problem, sent in a ticket this is what I got. I haven’t tried some of them yet.