Overlay and background size

What I would suggest doing is adding the white light overlay at the beginning of the scene, and then changing the opacity to 1 when you need to use it in the scene. Write:

EXT. GRAVEYARD - DAY with WHITE LIGHT_OVERLAY at layer 3 to 0.748 77 161 in zone 2
@overlay WHITE LIGHT_OVERLAY opacity 0

At the start of the scene. Then, when you need it to expand, write:

@overlay WHITE LIGHT_OVERLAY opacity 1
&overlay WHITE LIGHT_OVERLAY shifts to -305 -310 in zone 2 in 2.5
@overlay WHITE LIGHT_OVERLAY scales to 3.178 3.178 in 2.5

I think this is what you meant. I hope this helps!

OMG girl you are my life saver! :smile: it worked perfectly, thank you so so much again!! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

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I am so happy that (finally) I was able to help you! You are welcome for the help, and I hope the rest of your story goes well :heart:

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