Overlay and Sync

I have 2 questions and I put them in the same topic so it can be easier, But I have a question.

  1. Sync
    How do I make the characters do something at the time, like I want the to do a animation at the exact same time?

  2. Overlay

How do I add a character behind that desk, I tried to put a character behind that desk & it looks a mess!

So does anybody know how to do the sync & the overlay?

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  1. To make two characters do an animation at the same time, there are a couple of ways:

e.g: @CHARACTER1 is laugh_crackup AND CHARACTER2 is laugh_giggle

e.g: @CHARACTER1 starts laugh_crackup
@CHARACTER2 is laugh_giggle

  1. as for the overlay, you can manually cut it out yourself using a photo editor, or ask someone on the forums if they have the overlay. (If you’re going to cut out the overlay yourself, watching some tutorials on YouTube can help you)

And if you need help coding the overlay, ask the forums again. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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Also, if you want things done at the same time, use & instead of @.

&Char does this…
@char does this…

They will do not at the same time and when they are done, it will move to the next command.

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Thank you!
But one question what’s the difference between
& and @ ?

Here’s a screen from Dara’s website:
and here’s her website: https://www.dara-amarie.com/script-symbols-commands

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