Overlay animation/ character animation and narration bubbles at the same time!

So this might be a long shot but I saw on a story I’m reading (playing for keeps by lady dianna) that there’s an overlay of a punching bag moving back and forth as the character is punching it AND at the same time the narration bubbles pop up as well? I was wanting to know if anyone knew the code on how to do it? (I barely even know how to script an overlay moving back and forth either) TIA!

It sounds like they are rotating the overlay, you can learn about how to do that here:

And they are using & instead of @ to have the character animation, overlay animation, and dialogue at once.

&CHAR is animation
&overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates -45 anchor point 1 0.5 in 2 then overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates 45 anchor point 1 0.5 in 2 loop infinite times

You would have to adjust the timing to make it rotate in time with the animation, but that is (put simply) how it can be coded.

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Thank you! I didn’t know about the “loop infinite times” option. That makes a lot of sense now :slight_smile:

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