Overlay animations

so I’m using a background as an overlay here in my story and I’m trying to test it out, but I’m not exactly sure what this popup means. Can someone help?

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It keeps poping up in mine as well.
It states that your overlay isn’t created in the position in which it is in the background…

Can you explain?

Place the character in the zone and the position you want it in…

You need to add the overlay to the scene. Either add it to the background name or use the create command: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

so here’s the script

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and here is what it looks like in the web preview

Are you still getting that pop up message?


Since you already added the overlay to the background name, just add in the scale and coordinates there as well so you don’t need to use the create/shifts/scales command.

EXT. LA BEACH - NIGHT with BEACH DAY to 1.765 0 0
&overlay BEACH DAY opacity 0 in 0
@pause for 3
@overlay BEACH DAY opacity 1 in 1

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It shows like that for me too but I think that would fix it

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It will only show on mobile not on the computer and yes you have to fix it…
Otherwise it will not work (I think)
As mine weren’t working…
Does your do work??

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I’m actually making the changes right now

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It worked! Haha thank you I’m so happy I’ve got thay over with, but now my characters are kinda invisible lol idk what happened.

Your characters should be at a higher layer than the overlay.

So put:

EXT. LA BEACH - NIGHT with BEACH DAY to 1.765 0 0 in zone 1 at layer 0

Then have your characters placed at layer 1 and up

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One more question lol. So I have Kamille in the scene, but now Noel is not in the scene and I put him in layer 2 while Kamille is in layer 1