Overlay Assistance

So, I read the article about overlays and thought that it isn’t that bad, but when I added the overlay to my Character’s face, I’m so confused and I don’t see it. Here’s my script.

@overlay RED COP LIGHT create
@overlay RED COP LIGHT shifts to 100 100 in zone 2 in 0
@overlay RED COP LIGHT scales to 5.0 5.0
@overlay RED COP LIGHT opacity 1 in 2
@zoom on 591 302 to 335% in 0

For the bolden sentence, I know where to put it and all but I can’t see it! I’m really having trouble with it, help?

@Jeremy On second thought, you can close it. I don’t need it anymore.

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Did you put it in the wrong zone or in the wrong layer?

The overlay was in the correct zone and I don’t know for the layer…

Like I saw the square thingy surrounding the overlay, but I didn’t see it. I think the layer was wrong…

It may have been a glitch or something i don’t know… but the layer may have been wrong

Closed as per Op request :smiley:

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