Overlay&Background edit shop (read description)

If you’re unexperienced with image edition, this is the right place for you! I won’t go much into explaination, see for yourselves. :slight_smile: If you have any questions of what I can or can’t do or anything else - leave a comment! :tulip:

Those are my services:

:exclamation: Disclaimer: I’m not an artist so I cannot and will not create things from scrap. I only do what I’m able to :slight_smile:
Also please, don’t rush me!


This is amazing :star_struck:. I’ll make sure to request something here when I’ll need It.

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Can you do overlay motorcycle with character on it?

Can I request you do this:

To these:

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I’m on it! I’ll pm you the images :slight_smile:

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Okay thank you!!

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I’m not sure, it sounds more like a character edit :sweat_smile:
What do you have in mind?

Hey can I request you to make a background look more realistic? Also I’m new to the forums so I don’t really know how this works :grimacing: :joy:

Can you explain what you mean exactly and/or provide a pic? :slight_smile:

Well I tried to put a picture but it said that I can’t embed media or something like that. But like add shadows and light to a background, I don’t really know how to explain I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

Try pming it to me :thinking:

can you cut out 3 idles out of a few backgrounds so I can use them for overlays?

this one the mirror


same as this and

this one as well do I need to put in a password and do you do this for free.
and that all I can think of right now let me know if there is some things you need please pm me that :blob_hearts:

Hi I would like to request an overlay please!!

Can I get the 3 target stands in the picture?? Well the whole stand as an overlay??

May I bother you with a request?


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hello if your not busy could make me an overlay please :sweat_smile:


could you please crop the Philadelphia building and the one with the long poll please

If it’s easier the one with the poll would just be fine also

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I dm’d you :slight_smile:

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HI! How would you like me to credit you if I use some of your backrounds or overlays?