Overlay Background Issue with Additional Overlays

I am having an issue with my script


@overlay CHAIRS CLASSROOM create
@overlay CLASS DESKS create
@overlay CLASS FRONT DESK create

It doesn’t seem to create the overlays and if I add it to the background line eg


it then removes the backgrounds original desk overlay.

How can I get all the overlays to work

Here’s an example of how to use overlays within a scene:

@overlay CLASS DESKS create
@overlay CLASS DESKS shifts to 166 123 in zone #
@overlay CLASS DESKS scales to 0.772 0.772 in zone #
@overlay CLASS DESKS opacity 1

And you could also add it to the background line like this:

INT. CLASSROOM FRONT OL - DAY with CHAIRS CLASSROOM to 0.371 102 39 in zone # at layer #

Though I personally think the first way is easier especially if you have multiple overlays. And of course, the numbers can be adjusted using the writer’s portal. :slight_smile:

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Thank you I did it the first way and it worked

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when I test it in the app it doesn’t appear and tells me to create the overlay in the stage

Could I see a screenshot of what you did in the portal? And where it tells you this? (just so we’re on the same page)

It works fine on the web previewer but not on the app

I’m not sure that this will solve it, but try removing the zones from the scale and see what happens.

Thank you that worked removing the zone from scale :slight_smile:

Line 230, you have an extra t in left.

I put the zones back and it was the T

that moment when episode gives you the wrong error message

I know it drives me insane it takes me forever to figure out the real error

If I specify a layer eg

@overlay CLASS BACK DESKS create
@overlay CLASS BACK DESKS shifts to 0 0 in zone 1
@overlay CLASS BACK DESKS scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay CLASS BACK DESKS opacity 1

@EXTRA3 moves to layer -3
@EXTRA6 moves to layer -3

the desk now seems to be behind them instead of in front everyone else on the same layer are behind the desk except those two

This scene is becoming a nightmare!

I don’t know that this will make a difference, but just in case, try un-capitalizing layer for the overlay.

I was hoping that would be it but nope didn’t change. It was working fine before now its stopped

All I did was edit sit to talk_sit and only two characters out of all of them only do talk_sit the rest are just sit

Try zooming out of the background I mean reduce the focus of the background to small you will see your background hanging somewhere not on the place you want it to be…
The error message that is showing is because the area that you have zoomed on doesn’t have the overlay in that particular area where you have placed it…
You will see that overlay somewhere in the background that is showing the error…
Let me know if it works…

Thanks, I just went to the viewer and moved the over lay to see where it was sitting and I found out what my issue was. There is supposed to be a seat there and I didn’t split the seating up I need to make each row of seats its own layer.

We all make mistakes…
But that’s how you actually learn…

So that’s completely normal…