Overlay & Background Sharing Thread

Again, I know there is alot of these, but I decided to do it anyways. Because- you know…
It’s all about that thug life :sunglasses:

Anyways, all jokes aside; if you do decide to share an overlay thats not yours, please tag the creator.
So- I’ll start off by sharing one I made but I know a lot of people have done:
(And yes, the bit inside the mirror is transparent so you can see characters)

Mirror Overlay:

It should be up to scale, but if not you can resize it,

Here: pixlr.com/editor

And make the canvas size 1280 x 640 and size it up to that. And if you have someone else’s overlay, do it like this;

Bed Background By @CinnamonToast

It comes with a matching duvet overlay and they were kind enough to do one to the side too, if you want a bed overlay make sure to check out @CinnamonToast

Anyways, I hope this thread was useful!

~Natalie, AKA. The NatHatter


hey @Natalie.forums if I have some pics that I wanna turn into overlays can you do it for me ?
if you do plz PM me

Thank you!
Another bird’s eye view I’ll share is from this background:

And this is the bird’s eye view:

And this is the overlay:

Just make sure to credit my forum username!
Also, the one at @Natalie.forums posted is from this one, to clarify:


Bumpity Bumpi Bump!

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Thank you.

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To add on to that, I was requested a while back for a bathroom for the Island bedroom. I thought it would be great to share it here :sunglasses:

If you like it, the overlay is in my drive!
To get there… Click Here!


I just wanted to share my drive which has some overlays - there are also some bacgrounds, splashes and code packs which have a background and overlays plus the code to place the overlays to make it a heap easier for people. There’s not a lot in my drive yet but I’m always adding more stuff. Lots of it I’ve made myself but there is some Episode edited stuff as well. Anyone is free to use this stuff provided they credit me. Enjoy! :smile:

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Night Bar and Club!
I made them on my story, but if you like them, feel free to use them.

When I’ll have time, I’ll share more.


They look amazing! I’ll definitely use them :slight_smile: More than happy to give credit because I know some people don’t :+1:

Hello those who make background edits and backgrounds and overlays. Come to share your work Honest Opinion

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