Overlay/background shop (CLOSED!)

Okay! So limb and arm?

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Alright! I’ll start making it.

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Okie dokie :wink:

thats fine w me !

Hey! Sorry about this.
Did you want tattoos on both?

You mean both hands left and right?


Yep lady Rose Tattoo

Alright, thank you!

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Do you want them drawn or like how war dogs has it?

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like how war dogs were


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Hey! Super sorry about the wait, I had to go out for a bit.
Are these okay? Let me know if you want something different or if it doesn’t work.

I’m so sorry but they not gonna work can you just add tattoo on picture I sent to you?


Is this alright?

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Yes thank you :kissing_heart:

Hi please can you edit the background EXT. HOLIDAY PORCH - NIGHT to be not a Christmas time but in the summer and can you do a day and a night version please

Is this alright? Let me know if anything needs changing.